Jyrki sitting in front of a computer, looking thoughtfully at the CRT screen.

I do a lot of things... so here is a small listing of projects or other stuff that's worth mentioning


Retrospring Ruby

A free and open source personal question and answer platform similar to Formspring.

AgentSmith Crystal

An IRC server that is actually a Matrix client. Use your favourite IRC client to communicate with the Matrix.

IrrerrC C++

A Qt5 IRC client.

Empyrean Ruby

Generate full stats of your account with your Twitter Archive.

nblog Ruby

A simple microblogging software.

3words PHP

Let your friends say three words about you.

Music and trackers

qmmp-htmlplaylist C++

A fun little plug-in for Qmmp that exports your playlist to a HTML file, similar to the ones Winamp used to create.

qmmp-macosintegration C++ Objective-C++

Another plug-in for Qmmp, this one lets it integrate better with the macOS desktop. It also makes the media keys (e.g. play/pause) work.

foxbox C++

My personal Qt5 and libopenmpt-based player for tracked music. Read more Crystal

Some Crystal bindings to some parts of the TagLib C++ library.

xmpvis D

A visualiser for tracked music played back through libxmp.

patren Rust

A tool to render each pattern of a Renoise song to PNG.

foxtracker Ruby

Just a stupid little Ruby parser for several tracker file formats. Right now it only supports FastTracker II modules, but support for more formats is on the way. Some day™.

Philips® Hue™-related tools

hue-control.el Emacs Lisp

Control your Philips® Hue™ lamps using the power of Emacs.

hue_exporter Rust

A basic Prometheus exporter for metrics from a Philips® Hue™ system. I use this for observing the temperature and light levels in my flat.


cyber_jyrki Crystal

A personal Telegram bot. It reposts images from reddit links shareed to the chat.

Minetrix Kotlin

A Matrix <-> IRC bridge/bot. Read more

butter Crystal

A very rrerrNet Matrix bot.

botter Ruby

An IRC bot.

DraDiWaBo Crystal

A Telegram bot for notifying you about nice deals of a certain web site.

twittbot Ruby

A powerful Twitter bot framework. Read more


Wordle97 Visual Basic for Applications

Wordle for Word 97. I’ve been told it still works in the latest Word release. CoffeeScript Ruby

A public WebM directory. Source code

crash-game D

A clone of an arcade game I used to play a lot when I was a kid.

armagetron-stats D

An online leaderboard page for the game Armagetron Advanced.

P.N.S CoffeeScript HTML

An arcade-style shooting game in HTML5.

Hexe Ruby

A witch for your *nix terminal.

initial.d D

A Toyota AE86 for your *nix terminal. HTML JavaScript


Other (more or less) useful things

DDDobjs OpenSCAD Ruby

A collection of 3D models I made.

FoxPage Ruby

A Rails-like static page generator. This website was made with it.

shellcheck pre-commit hook Shell

Runs shellcheck on your modified shell scripts before committing to git.

mdlatex Ruby

A Markdown to LaTeX converter built on top of redcarpet.

droetker Shell

A static site generator written in sh(1). It’s really fast and only seems to work on FreeBSD (or at least with BSD userland). Not recommended for production use. I actually used it for this website before switching back to Jekyll… until I switched this site to FoxPage, of course.

JSONfs Ruby

Browse your JSON objects using your favourite file explorer. Because you never knew you did not want to.

Special thanks go out to Crescent0100 for drawing this page header.