Stuff I use

There’s perhaps someone out there who’s interested in knowing what I use to do my “work”… this list is for you.


  • 2021 MacBook Pro 14”: RISC architecture is gonna change everything, or so I’ve been told. There’s nothing unusual about this setup; it’s currently running plain macOS. The laptop is really nice, it’s silent, it’s fast, its battery life is superb, and it even got an SD card reader!
  • iPhone 12 mini: Yes, really. I can’t stand anything Android-based. Also the size of this thing is perfect for me.
  • iPod mini, 1st generation: Not using streaming services means that I need to listen to music that’s stored on a device somewhere. This is where this iPod mini comes to play. I equipped it with a 32GB SD card (via a CompactFlash adapter) and installed Rockbox on it. It plays back Opus-encoded files quite well, and thanks to Rockbox it can do many more things (though admittedly playing DOOM on it is a bit of a mess due to the Mini’s display).
  • Logitech M570: I enjoy pondering the orb at any given time.


  • KDE Plasma: I pretty much grew up with KDE, and I’ve never looked back since. Customisable, powerful, and it has a Qt mascot (pun intended )
  • zsh: I use it with the oh-my-zsh script, but since I do not (completely) like most of the themes it comes with I proceeded to write my own.
  • Firefox: Pretty much the only choice nowadays if you want to use a different browser that’s not Blink-based. Features some really nice developer tools, which I would not have been able to build this page without it.


There is no perfect editor. But there are some that are pretty close to it.

  • Kate: It has everything I need: a vi editing mode, built-in terminal, split views, … the LSP client plug-in is nice too. I also use it on macOS, of course.
  • vi/vim: Usually used on remote hosts, or whenever I just need to edit something quick…