[nilsding:~/bots/twitter]$ twittbot new nilsspam && cd nilsspam
      create  etc
      create  lib
      create  .gitignore
      create  Gemfile
      create  config.yml
[nilsding:~/bots/twitter/nilsspam]$ twittbot auth
Hello, nilsspam!
[nilsding:~/bots/twitter/nilsspam]$ twittbot g random-tweet
      create  lib/random_tweet.rb
      create  etc/random_tweet.yml
[nilsding:~/bots/twitter/nilsspam]$ twittbot start
connected to user stream
connected to tweet stream

Twittbot is an advanced Twitter bot framework written in Ruby. It aims to be the Rails for Twitter bots. You can easily create and customize a bot in less than five minutes by modifying one of the default templates, such as random-tweet orretweet-bot.

Important Notice: Development on Twittbot has pretty much stalled since Twitter decided to kill the fun parts of their API (e.g. real-time user streams) and also screw over 3rd party developers.


Installation is just as easy as installing the Rubygem:

$ gem install twittbot


Create a new bot:

$ twittbot new bot-name
$ cd bot-name

Authorize with Twitter:

$ twittbot auth

Add yourself as a botadmin:

$ twittbot add-admin nilsding

Add a template, such as for a simple reply bot:

$ twittbot generate random-reply

random-reply is a template that accepts a configuration. You can configure it by editing ./etc/random_reply.yml with a text editor of your choice. And, if you want to, you can also change its behaviour by editing ./lib/random_reply.rb.

To list available templates, try this:

$ twittbot list-templates

Finally, run the bot:

$ twittbot start

Bots that use Twittbot

This is an (incomplete) list of Twitter bots that use Twittbot. Want your bot listed here? Mention me!