2019-12-24 00:00:00 +0100 00:00 TUE 24 DEC

After a few months of procrastination hard work, I finally finished the rework of my personal website. Yay!

It is no longer built with Jekyll, but with my own static page generator which I purposely built for this site alone: FoxPage. Seems to work pretty nice so far.

The new design is inspired by the looks of NeXTStep, of course. I wrote all the SVGs and CSS used by hand… well, I cheated a bit on the latter by using SCSS. I’m pretty pleased with how it looks, especially in contrast to many other personal websites which most of the time just look like some weird startup to me. Oh well.

And yes, I have a blog again. I hope that throughout the next year that becomes more of a habit for me. Don’t know about what I’ll be blogging just yet though. But I do provide an Atom feed if you want to get notified on new posts.

Yes, you can subscribe to this blog using your favourite feed reader.